Monday, September 12, 2011

interview - wild on the beach

This weeks interview is with Murray from wild on the beach in Lorne... 
the store so new it only opened on the weekend... unique posters and a bit of a chat... what a great place to visit

How did you come to start your business? It's something we've always wanted to do...all my family has a love of the beach and we're all fascinated by the vintage years of our local beachside town-Lorne
what did you do before that has helped in your new venture?

My family has had a long career in surf retail....I veered out of that for quite a while and into a career as a writer- books on Australian surf and beach culture, as well as one hefty coffee table book on Australian rock, pop, and jazz posters-fifty years of gig posters. That book is Plastered- the Art of Australian Popular Music.

Can you describe your perfect day?
An early morning surf check for some uncrowded waves, followed by breakfast at a local bakery, or toast at home listening to a Monty Alexander cd. ....a quick read of the daily papers then back to the beach until the sun goes down. An  inpromptu family dinner at home washed down with a couple of brandy's and colored with some classic pop for dancing.

What are you excited about for spring? 

Feeling warm again..we've been feeling chilly since moving back to Victoria from five years in Noosa!
 What is your favourite part about wild on the beach?
The three-sheet, linen-backed vintage posters! 
Your least favourite task?
I'd forgotten how much of a chore doing all the paperwork was going to be

favourite product?

Secrets of The Boat in the Bottle.

Would you like to share your first day experience?

Its too much of a blur..maybe when I've had a chance to think it all through.

Where is your spot to sit during your work day?
Out the front- in the sun, watching the cars swing over the bridge and into town- but within earshot of the phone!