Friday, September 9, 2011

a great ideas for the coming holidays

it's that time of year again almost...  and no I am not going to start sending around christmas posts yet....or hanging decorations 

I want to enjoy spring...
it is the time to celebrate by planting your sunflowers. 

The school holidays this year are about 12 weeks out so perfect in time for the big day and as you know my easy way to avoid the how many sleeps... how long ... when ... etc

Anticipate the lovely sunny flowers instead... they do make great presents too... for all those december birthdays of corse

this bit is last years post for a little bit more information
a sunflower is a really lovely way to avoid the constant questionhow many days until?
usually a sunflower take about 11-12 weeks to grow. now is the time to plant your christmas ones.

we did this before a march birthday several years ago and the kid have asked to do it each year for chistmas since. they make a lovely present too. a happy flower or a large bunch of them that will bloom around christmas day is a great thing to take home..

Have a wonderful afternoon planting some in a pot. Try to plant at least 3 just in case your green thumbs have lost their magic.
a little water each day and a nice sunny spot and these flowers are a lovely way of saying not yet. everytime the kids ask when i answer i the sunflower out yet? after a while they will just check daily and the excitement when the yellow face blooms it's hilarious

have some fun. plant yours soon