Sunday, May 18, 2014


It's been a long long time..... the business has evolved to me doing creative things for lovely people. It's busy. I have discovered I love working with small business . People are passionate about their work. I will continue to post what i am doing here.
#ilovemyjobs  you can find me at instagram more often fionakatesimplegorgeous

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The evolution continues... 
saying yes to working with lovely people
The retail fitout is complete.
based in Glebe 
looks Gorgeous
& it was alot of fun

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

only 1 day to go
Temple & Webster have made Fiona Kate look so pretty too
Many Many things sold out
Be quick

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's has been awhile between posts...with so many people to chat t on instagram the poor old blog takes a bit of a back seat sometimes.

It seems I am back in the world of retail and branding. With a retail fit out in progress and tradeshow plan to finalise. Illustrations & packaging. DIY Articles for a lovely blog too . It's a little less about Fiona Kate and more about what I have learned and applying it to other businesses. 

With so many of the icons of australian online businesses like the hip infant and babys got style no longer around. There is no doubt about it online is changing and its exciting. For the little brands like us it's more of a two way conversation. 

My little storage business is still going in a much more personal way. We are stitching, weaving and crocheting our way to storage goodness. Some I find hard to send. The majority of requests are to be made from recycled items. Suitcases relined, baskets restyled or lined. Stylists have worked this way for years asking for the unique to make the shot special.

As a quick note big changes are afoot and if you are hoping to add to your storage from our basic range now would be the time. We are running low on all boxes, crates and folders.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a unique proposition

We have currently moved into so many new avenues with products and props being designed. Illustrations commissioned and much more. Our classic range of boxes are taking up too much space...we would love to work with some one or someones fabulous to use them. If you have a gorgeous range that you send to your customers these are the perfect wrap. Pop the products inside, tie with string and your customer has the box for storage after. Better still seal with a gorgeous washi tape.

If your brand could benefit from beautiful boxing let me know.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last week I had a couple of inspiring meet ups. After a few months of random projects
I ran two watercolour classes at littlepaperlane in Mona vale  . Both classes had people who introduced themselves as having less than no talent. By the end of the classes everyone had something they were proud of ( even if one of them thought it was a fluke).  
Introducing a new medium, style, technique whatever you would like to call it is always exciting. Demystifying and making watercolour accessible is so very exhilarating. Thank you to all those who participated it was a pleasure to chat to you. Some have even sent through artwork created since. 

As a destination mona vale is perfect. Your could quite easily plan a day trip there and call it work or research. Isn't stationary a tax deduction?. My ideal day would be 

A chocolate milkshake at the deli. 
A visit to jayde at little paperlane
A pop on by to berkeleow books, 
purchase a little bedding at eco downunder
such small prices and so soft
pop by for dinner from aldi because you spent all the egg money already.
Finally a wander toward the beach and have the best chips at the armchair collective

An amazing meet up with megan morton ... there will be much much more about that in the coming weeks.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The best 11 year old birthday party. 
So Easy. 
Super fun. 

The gist 3 teams of 3. A great local neighbourhood. a list with a twist. Check in every 25 minutes ( you can't get in too much trouble). # large sacks. Copy of the list, snacks, a pencil and tags in case things are borrowed. All kids on vehicles. Bikes and skateboards. No cars ... they are too young to drive. A copy of the invitation so they all look legit.

You can not visit homes that are yours or someone at the party. For check in there are points, correct answers with the object points. All teams to present their item to the whole group at the end.

time keeping
problem solving
confidence ( approaching the public and presenting)

The best ever
and grandma made the cake.

see how you go with the list 
PS there are some really smart kids out there.