Friday, March 8, 2013

The best 11 year old birthday party. 
So Easy. 
Super fun. 

The gist 3 teams of 3. A great local neighbourhood. a list with a twist. Check in every 25 minutes ( you can't get in too much trouble). # large sacks. Copy of the list, snacks, a pencil and tags in case things are borrowed. All kids on vehicles. Bikes and skateboards. No cars ... they are too young to drive. A copy of the invitation so they all look legit.

You can not visit homes that are yours or someone at the party. For check in there are points, correct answers with the object points. All teams to present their item to the whole group at the end.

time keeping
problem solving
confidence ( approaching the public and presenting)

The best ever
and grandma made the cake.

see how you go with the list 
PS there are some really smart kids out there.