Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last week I had a couple of inspiring meet ups. After a few months of random projects
I ran two watercolour classes at littlepaperlane in Mona vale  . Both classes had people who introduced themselves as having less than no talent. By the end of the classes everyone had something they were proud of ( even if one of them thought it was a fluke).  
Introducing a new medium, style, technique whatever you would like to call it is always exciting. Demystifying and making watercolour accessible is so very exhilarating. Thank you to all those who participated it was a pleasure to chat to you. Some have even sent through artwork created since. 

As a destination mona vale is perfect. Your could quite easily plan a day trip there and call it work or research. Isn't stationary a tax deduction?. My ideal day would be 

A chocolate milkshake at the deli. 
A visit to jayde at little paperlane
A pop on by to berkeleow books, 
purchase a little bedding at eco downunder
such small prices and so soft
pop by for dinner from aldi because you spent all the egg money already.
Finally a wander toward the beach and have the best chips at the armchair collective

An amazing meet up with megan morton ... there will be much much more about that in the coming weeks.