Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a great brief

it's spring and we know you are all cleaning, planting and getting sorted... we have been run off our feet packing all of the orders. Which is great thank you. We have had alot of chatting on facebook too. I am slowly getting the hang of it I do love chatting to customers. You feel like you are part of a big collaboration when you can ask what colour  would you pick?

I was organising the props for a window this week. A gorgeous shop full of fair trade and eco things. beautiful things that you would have no idea of their green credentials. The brief was spring and in keeping with the stores philosophy upcycling and recycling were the parameters..

A fabulous brief and I will post pics when it is complete. To gain height in the window and change the space around i used 3 tubs ( bulk medicine containers) from reverse garbage and covered them in offcuts leftover from the beautiful quilts in store. They came up a treat....

Am thinking several may the solution to a temporary seating solution too??