Monday, September 5, 2011

interview - hawkes general store

This week we meet coco from Hawkes General Store in Orange NSW. (Coco is same age as me and my daughter was 2 when we started Fiona Kate) and the family business is where she grew up. Pop over to the site to see how wonderful that must have been and still is... 

How did you come to start  your business?
Hawkes general store is a family business - my mum opened it when i was 2.  I purchased it from her nearly six years ago. It was in my blood I think.

How long has your  business been running?
Hawkes General store opened in 1976 - so 35 years ago.
Can you  describe your average day?
hectic! setting up, coffee, phones ringing, laughter, unpacking boxes of stock (lots of them), more coffee, wrapping, lots of chat, packing in, cleaning up, PHEW time to go home.

What are you excited  about for spring? 
all the beautiful dresses & accessories and colourful home wares! and SUNSHINE.
What is  your favourite part about Hawkes General  Store?
The ever changing stock and all our gorgeous customers!

Your least favourite  task?
nothing - i love it all!

Where is your  favourite spot to sit during your work  day?
I can't remember the last time i sat down at work! but if i did it would be under the weeping mulberry tree in our sunny courtyard - feet up,  having a coffee (made by our baritsa Danny)

Hawkes general store is the first of our stockists to have the yellow and black ( 2 separate colours not like a bumblebee) poster grids.