Friday, September 2, 2011

kids stuff... books and such

a bit of a wordy post today

A kids playroom can be a whole room, part of a common area like lounge room or even just a large cupboard on the deck or set of shelves in the shed. Every family has the same issues

Lots of toys with lots of pieces. Books, books & more books.. we will tackle the topic of books first

The key to a great reader is accessible books

In my experience different ages require different things and a well thought out strategy that’s is flexible is the key. A great idea is to separate all of the books you will be amazed how much use all of the books get this way instead of only a few favourites.

Craft books – keep together where kids can reach them. A lower shelf or box with no lid in the lounge or under the dining room table depending on where you would do your craft. Upright is great so they can be sorted through like records used to be. On a rainy day it’s always great to browse through and plan your day. Sometimes the planning is the only part of the activity to get done and that’s fun too.

Special books  ( not a very creative name , just call it as you see it) Keep a select few the special ones and keep them up in a cupboard out of reach where the kids can see them but they are saved for great moments. Our special ones are the books so beautiful you know you want to save them, ones with great inscriptions or interactive parts like letters ( easily damaged) We pull these down for reward a quiet time with mum, or when we really want to encourage quiet time, if someone is unwell the Christmas and birthday books are kept here too… if I reach up to this shelf you can see the excitement in their faces…

Bed books Near each bed a selection of 4 picture books plus a great one that usually sends them to sleep. A Dr Seuss is great for this When they are little there can never be too much repetition….as you already know. One fish two fish….When they are a little older 2 chapter books are great. Tucked under the bed, in a pack , on the beside table or for bunks a shelf or slipped under the pillow. Make it easy for kids to pop them in their place when making their bed… or helping you make their bed,

The rest of the books and their will be a alot of them. Stack on a shelf or in a cupboard, display on a rack make a seat out of the books themselves, create a reading nook a place to sit this can be as simple as a cushion. Keep them accessible . Some will outgrow their use and can be donated. Vinnies are always glad to have them. The damaged ones can go in the craft box or be used as wrapping paper and folders.

Books can be used to decorate also a pieces of string on a picture rail, a clothes line. The artwork on some covers are stunning and a functional design element to any room

A cozy spot and a great book it doesn’t get much better than that