Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can you make it? yes you can right here

Tonight I was a little stuck for a post... not stuck because I did not have anything to write but stuck because we have quite a few projects/ products in the process. Several are at really exciting stage - we have been jumping on, and hiding amongst them all month. Which brings me to a subject close to our hearts here at fiona kate. Manufacturing in australia.... it's very very slow. Especially when you are a small brand...& extremely fussy about detail and quality. It's a bit like finding the one.... you will kiss alot of frogs on the way. 

Many of you reading may remember the timeline test we did. the week we popped the great crate in for prototype and testing was the same week we found out our little guy was on his 40 weeks or so later we met is oliver in the first fully tested prototype on the day it arrived. Yup quicker to make a whole person

It's funny instead of always designing the product first we often have an existing relationship with a manufacturer and find out what else they can do for  example our storage sacks came first... then the storage cushion was made and on a little factory visit we discovered the binding for the fatman. The process can be a windy old path but ultimately you get there... mostly not always but often.

we like to make it here to keep the process simple, great quality and lower miles travelled make our recyclable products even friendlier. in our interview series that runs on a monday i will be interview other amazing people who have fought the good fight to have their products made right here. I am expecting to learn alot and I am sure it will make for interesting reading