Monday, September 26, 2011

made in australia - a good wrap ( a giveaway too)

I am really looking forward to speaking to the many people who manufacture their amazing products here in australia. For many products it can be done. It will be great to share their journeys, learn a few tips and acknowledge it's not always and easy road nor is it endless with many of our designers starting our here and due to limitations ( not price) end up collaborating overseas.

The first is Tik from a good wrap I truly love and use this product. It ticks so many boxes, easy to use, saves time and looks great.

Why did you decide on Australian made?
Basically, I just wanted to give it a go! My professional background is importing homewares from overseas, but I really wanted to try to produce something locally. The key driver behind A Good Wrap is to minimise waste so to produce something locally is a natural extension.

Personally, I love to buy Australian made whenever I can and I wanted to provide that opportunity for others.
Did you look into manufacturing overseas also?
Yes - and we still are. Sadly, for big promotional orders, my makers here in Australia cant keep up. My plan is to keep the Australian line going as well - some people really want to buy Australian made and seek it out. Plus, by keeping it here in Australia, I can be a bit more creative as far as the fabrics and design go.

Can you describe the process of idea to first samples? Was the learning curve steep?
My background in designing and sourcing homewares meant that I was not intimidated by the process - but having said, I had no experience with textiles or manufacturing in Australia. Getting up to speed on buying fabrics, which fabric fits where and production quantities is never ending but fascinating. I am still learning and trying to iron out the kinks in my supply chain!
The hardest part was finding professionals to actually manufacture the product. I started by making them myself, which is great for prototyping but its not my forte’, so I started working with local fashion consultants to look for makers/sewers all the while playing with fabrics and patterns.
I have three children and a dozen nieces and nephews who’s lunch boxes all featured early versions of the product, and still do.

What would you do differently if you did it again?
Nothing as far as the made in Australia element goes. The trial and error of finding the right team members was hard at times but crucial to understanding what can be done. I love that they are being made here and that we are supporting local people.  
The best thing about australian made?
Being able to say that it is and know that it is!  I especially love it when I can use an Australian made and printed fabric as well. It feels good to know its genesis and where it comes from. I know my makers really well and their families and I love it when I can give them more business. 

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