Monday, July 4, 2011

stockist interview - flower child

This weeks interview is with the lovely Sal from flower child. Flower child is the most rapidly evolving business. i have every seen . Sal listens to what her customers would like and makes it happen. A thriving online store as well as a brick and mortar, and party plan. Currently she has organised a great space where her customers can meet for mothers group or a catch up - complete with a great self serve coffee. Sal is a little reluctant about telling everyone how great flower child is so I have hijacked this interview a little with my red pen - sorry sal

How did you come to start your business?

We're all for eco in our house, and disposable nappies weren't on the
agenda. So when pregnant,  I naively thought I could wander into a shop and
buy one of these modern cloth nappy things.  But, it was not to be - there
weren't any!  After having my daughter and using cloth for 6 months, I
decided to leave the corporate world (haven't we all heard that before) and
open a bricks and mortar store to spread the cloth love.

these nappies are amazing! there are even swimming ones. So much more gorgeous that the disposables. Also the outfit of the week who new glamour could be this inexpensive.You can swap and trade clothes as well aspick up bargains... a boys jacket... hats anything 
How long has your business been running?
Nearly 2 years (eek)  

Can you describe your average day?
Lana usually wakes us up between 6.30-7am.  
Breakfast and get dressed and drop off at family day care about 8am.
I usually arrive at flower child around 8.30 and mop the floors, tidy up and
have breakfast myself.
Once the shop opens, I'm always busy - packing orders, serving customers,
working on marketing, looking after our flowerchild@home consultants,
checking social media, looking for new products, thinking of great new
things we can do instore and talking to anyone who'll listen.

We close the shop at 4, then I pick up Lana, we grab my husband and take the
dog for a quick walk, then back home to cook dinner and do the bath/bedtime

What are you excited about for winter?
Wrapping myself up in scarves - I'm a scarf and jacket fanatic! (was this
questions supposed to be about shop items - see, there I go, thinking about
myself :)
Also the outfit of the week who new glamour could be this inexpensive.You can swap and trade clothes as well aspick up bargains... a boys jacket... hats any what ever the season

What is your favourite part about flower child?
Apart from my fantastic customers, I love sourcing new products.  I'm a
sucker for pretty.

Your least favourite task?
Just one?
Book keeping comes a close second.

 Do you have story about a day or customer you would like to share?

I had a lovely elderly man who rang up to order amber teething necklaces for
his nieces/nephews.  Whilst on the phone, he said, "what the hell, throw one
in for me too"

2 weeks later, he called me back to order another necklace.  When I
mentioned he obviously was having success with his, he said "no, love.  I
put it on, and nothing happened"  So I asked why he wanted to order another
and his reply "well, nothing happened, so I took it off.  You see, I was in
Vietnam and was shot in the shoulder and have terrible pain.  So, when
nothing happened, I took it off.  Then I had a shower and went to bed.  When
I woke up the next morning, I was in so much pain, I'm never taking it off

Now, it's mother's day in a few days, and I'd like to buy one for my 95yo
mum - can you express post it!"

Where is your favourite spot to sit during your work day?

Sit - when do I get to sit?

In saying that, we are prettying up the area outside the store and my nearly
3yo helped me build some bench seats from recycled materials.  I popped
outside the other day and a sliver of sunlight was shining through- bliss!