Friday, July 1, 2011

fabric chaos - a solution and an offer you can not refuse

Do you have a few drawers or boxes full of beautiful fabric that you have bought, saved or salvaged.You will use it one day but at the moment it is taking up valuable storage real estate in your home. We needed to freshen up the lounge room making it a little cosier for those chilly nights. 

A quick and easy solution that took 5mins. the fiona kate storage cushion i on target for the spot trend this winter and red my favourite colour.... and have gained 3 drawers for all of my art materials even the glue gun now fits.... and the drawer closes. jut in casse you have more than you thought like me. 

Fiona kate storage cushions order 2 and recieve a 3rd free! available in pink, red and blue

speaking of beautiful fabric i went to the ABCD meet up last night and had a great time steph from bondville and lisa from the red thread do a great job getting everyone organised.... and the goodie bags!.  I was chatting to Saffron she has the most beautiful fabrics. so lovely that they will never be stored beacause you will have to make something straight away just so you can see them everyday