Wednesday, June 15, 2011

easiest party ever - construction

A few weeks ago I did promise to share the easiest party ever.... and we have held more than a few. I'm sure this story will be more exaggerated over time. we did get our youngest a pile of dirt for his birthday and a load of old diggers from clean up to add to his collection ( there needed to be a few to go around). A huge undertaking involving several wheelie bins, lots of digging and a frantic late night run. ( our local park had had a resurfacing and the council said we were welcome to it

it needed to be there in the morning and not before.

 The big kids made a flag and gathered all the diggers old and new to pop on top. we also placed a few bits of wood near the pile to see if they would be used - they were
Add 12 friends wearing old clothes, bringing diggers with them and a sunny morning and you have hours of fun. Plans were made,  ( inspired by the washing powder commercial you know the one where kids are really having a ball making something on the beach)

 So much fun to watch with a hot cup of tea, adults started and finished conversations and the kids were having a ball.

& the cake. no 3 coloured icing sculpted into a architectural delight for us. An edible pile of dirt complete with matching flag... 

one chocolate cake made in any tin you have to hand.
slice in half and fill with marshmallows (the birthday boys fav) and jam
pop in the fridge to cool
chop carve and hack the cake into a pile shape
pour over 1/2 chocolate icing
add choc to rice bubbles and throw on your pile
pour over the rest of the icing , 
cool for 10 mins and throw milo over the top
add flag