Monday, June 13, 2011

interview - sascha from Fiona kate

This weeks interview is with Sascha. We are so excited because Sascha has joined us at fiona kate. sacha has loads of experience ( many great stories here), lots of enthusiasm and great fun to be around. If you have always wanted to see our products or needed a person to pop out to your store.Sascha is your girl. Judging by the photo she is royally connected too

How did you come to work in  sales & marketing?
I worked in a Law firm thinking I wanted to be a  lawyer and a position came up in the Marketing department.. I made a creative  little dice with why I should be in the role and then then my career into  sales and marketing flowed from there..

Can you describe your average day?
wake  up, my gorgeous husband makes me a strong coffee so I can function, I dress  the girls, make breakfasts/lunches, do four sets of hairdos ranging from  braids to ponytails, get them off to school/kindy/grandmas then start my  working day.. I get home, clean and feed the tribe, pour a glass of wine and watch television then bed..  

What are you excited about for winter?  
knee high boots, packing away all the summer stuff in my FK boxes  and making soup.

What is the messiest spot in your  home?
linen cupboard - it's a constant work in progress.. 
Your favourite shop
any homewares shop or on a practical level Coles..

Your least favourite task?
putting petrol in  the car..  

Do  you have story about a day or customer you would like to share?
just the other  day I spoke to the lovely
Tracy Nutley from Honeybee  Homewares. Her store is so lovely and has a 'French look' after discussing all  things French (I lived there for 3 years).. She ordered four industrial silver  posties right away.. Tres Bien...   
Where is your favourite spot to sit during your work day?
At the  moment it's next to the heater..