Friday, June 17, 2011

art or solution... we are now writing a column for little crew

our first article for little crew

Children are collectors of treasures. Many of these collections are not going to last but are precious for a short time.  If you have little girls in your house you will have many many many collections.  

In our house we have collected in plastic containers - they are too precious to lose especially one with a lid! Envelopes big and small, bags, sacks, upside down party hats ( don't ask)
Shoe boxes are crushed & size can be an issue. 

Part of the joy in collecting is the display. Seeing all of the wonderous items at once.

Age can be a factor in the collecting. Our little one loves the items in the car... All over the houses and of corse next to or in his bed at night.

Our big one just likes to create and keep them safely away from his smaller brothers and sister and their friends and friends friends.

This is our latest solution

Gather together matching or complimentary bases and lids. Make sure they are sturdy and will hold the item that you are collecting. Make sure they are strong enough to take the weight. We have used removable 3m tape to attach to the wall. Arrange working from inside out. So you can even up your design as you go. The different depth and shapes look great. As the collection grows - changes you can add more easily. 

I was going to make a rough copy, style it etc so you could see it gorgeous it can be, but decided not to cause undue stress.  Well that and the fact that the car started billowing smoke and we lost 4 hours at the mechanics. 

Allowing for the fact that we have more boxes at home than most. This took 8 mins to construct, attach to the wall and pop the cars in.

A quick look around the house, in the car, out the back, and a rummage in a couple of backpacks and the result is amazing. The optomistic part of me would love a whole wall like this in the playroom .... 

There would be no question about art or solution then.