Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Upcycling is the buzz word of the week.

Our fatman is  a little upcycle and we know you like him ( by the way the blue is going fast).  the cool spool an upcycle too. Our vegie patch is this weeks DIY upcycle. I do love a trip to the tip. ( these frames were $5 a pair) Stacking the wall supports from someones walls together. So simple no nails required and now we have sectioned vegie patch... looks so great it in the front yard - and is blue to match the house. Coincidence I promise. I waited 2 months before posting this so I could show you all the seeds growing. it's a real thrill when you first see tiny spikes of green

Each of the sections were filled over a couple of weeks. On the weekend we made pumpkin soup and planted the seeds too. 

We have the pineapple experiment and an avocado one in there too just to see...a little red watering can and we are all set.

a great idea for the school holidays just around the corner

a great site for even more upcycling is supercyclers  brilliant ideas from around the globe