Friday, March 11, 2011

parties, newsletters, weddings

The last of the wedding invitation designs went out yesterday. Quite a pile of them in fact so many to choose from. When they are available I will let you know here. it is lovely to have a variety of jobs to work on. we will have a little surprise to be sent out to all of our online customers in the post during april. I love opening the letterbox to something different by snail mail.  if you have been thinking of making an order now is the time so you can have a look in the letterbox in april too

the a new product is taking on rainbow hues. who knew it would evolve so much initially it was all red and a little furry
lots of present an no time for a happens to everyone

Wednesdays post next week will be the beginning of our tale of a little girl with a messy space....
stay tuned.