Monday, April 4, 2011

a gorgeous bunting to make - it's lovely to be back

Sorry about the abrupt departure. It was all a little dramatic and we had to suddenly move out of the studio & our home not for 2 days as expected but for an additional two weeks. I assure you alot has been going on. 

On monday I had  fun at flower child in Collaroy. Sal the owner asked if I would be interested in styling her windows... absolutely. I hadn't styled in awhile and was really excited at the prospect. The theme being autumn a visit to the flower markets was a must. As was a quick trip to Vinnies for a couple of golden books. autumn... windy... kites... willows and leaves. At the end of the season the kites will go to any customer who bags them first.

Not that we stopped at the windows we also did floors ceiling and a wall... oh and a white picket fence. From the golden books I folded the pages to make 8 metres of kite bunting to drape in the windows. really easy to do and so gorgeous. It will all appear somewhere shortly a bit hush hush but I will let you know soon

and now I have a lovely winter one to plan too. I am thinking wool chunky needles....endless possibilities