Monday, March 7, 2011

stockist interview - little indigo

It's monday again. It's interview day!. i love interview day I find the little peeks into others businesses really interesting. this week it's Jo from little indigo. An at home worker bee and mother of 2 . The products at little indigo are australian made, simple and so lovely.  

Jo when you get a moment can tell us below where the name little indigo came from?

How did you come to start your business? I have always loved researching, I could spend hours on the internet looking for gorgeous items!  And after the birth of my two boys, I became particularly interested in children’s products.  I also developed a love of boutique markets and began to discover just how many creative people we have right here in Australia!  So one day, I decided to take the plunge and start my very own business and that is how Little Indigo came to be!
How long has your business been running?
Little Indigo began in November 2010, but the idea had been brewing for quite a while.    
Can you describe your average day? 
Firstly, I am a mum.  I have two boys who are 2 and 4 years old and so I spend the majority of my day with them.  I check my emails early in the morning in between breakfasting and getting the boys ready for the day.  At the moment I structure the business around the boys, which means I work most nights after the boys go to bed.  I work on keeping the website updated, fulfilling orders, updating my Facebook page and I am continually on the look out for new and different products that I think would be a perfect fit with the Little Indigo website.  And reading Blogs, I now read a lot of Blogs!
What is your favourite part about little indigo ?
As I mentioned earlier, I love to research!  I absolutely love coming across new and gorgeous products.  I could literally spend the whole day browsing the web or visiting markets.   I am constantly in awe of how creative people can be.    
Your least favourite task?

Paperwork and keeping my office space tidy!  

Do you have story about a day or customer you would like to share?
Definitely the most exciting day was when the website went live.  I couldn’t believe that my idea had actually turned into reality!  And a very close second was Little Indigo’s inclusion in the recent Shop 4 Kids Magazine.  I was jumping around the house in excitement when I saw the little feature about Little Indigo in print!  I still can’t believe it!

Where is your favourite spot to sit during your work day?
I sit in my office, which also houses most of my stock, so it is a little crowded!  I have my growing collection of Pocket Carnival Prints on display and I am surrounded by a lot of gorgeous items!  Perhaps one day I can do them all justice and have a Showroom as well as the Website…perhaps ;-)

a little bit more from me,
it's great that you are all enjoying our monday interviews. For me it's an inspiring way to start the week... one thing i have noticed that is a constant that all of the interviews so far listed paper work as the only downside... I too would have in the past said this. Not anymore. I have found the mot wonderful accountant who looks at my mish mash of paperwork a a lovely puzzle she loves to solve every month. the hours saved are amazing and I can really track how the business is going...if you are not good at it. delegate if possible. Contra always works well too if it's the cash flow stopping you