Monday, February 7, 2011

stockist interview - paper scissors rock stationery

Yes it's monday again and time for our stockist interview. i am glad you are enjoying them as much a I am. this week its nikki from paper scissors rock stationery. it's always a pleasure to chat to nikki she has so many ideas for parties and gifts. her store was actually a present too.

 I recently designed a new party range for PSRS but will share more on that later when they launch. stay tuned....

How did you come to start your business? I have always had a love of and for stationery.  I am obsessed with pretty paper, notebooks, cute memo pads and all things paper really.  I found myself searching for beautiful stationery all in the one spot without having to jump from website to website or store to store, so I thought why not I can do this, so evolved PSRS.  I sourced many products online to start and with the help of my girlfriend Simone who was full of ideas – she’s my “ideas” girl, found more beautiful things from trade shows and now we have people coming to us what us to stock their products, which I think it is a great achievement.  There are many many lovely peices on the market but I find myself stocking products that I absolutely love but at the same time finding beautiful things that I hope my customers will love.   How long has your business been running?
I started PSRS in April 2010.  I was my birthday present to me!  It was actually just perfect timing.

Can you describe your average day
Gosh my average day – okay so usually I try to pack the overnight orders as soon as I get up around 5.30am (after coffee of course!) and before the kids wake and the house turns to chaos, now that all three are at school. Once the kids are all out the door I spend most of my days sourcing products, reading blogs and magazines  - I know a hard life but someone has to do it!  I chat with lots of lovely people in the business who are like minded and love to bounce ideas around – which I love.  The rest of the day is updating the website and trialling the products (of course!).  Then I pop the mummy hat back on, pick the kids up and it is off and racing to ballet, jazz, futsal, AFL etc. So my days are busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
What is your favourite part of paper scissors rock?
I really love sourcing and trialling new products.  There are some amazing designers out there.  I am in awe of their ideas and how they manage to create that something different.  
Your least favourite task?
If I had to choose one it would be working all hours.  When you run an online business and it is a business not just a “hobby” to keep me busy, I find that I tend to make myself available at all hours.  I think that I will attempt to change that this year – not become less available but set some “work time” boundaries more for me than anyone else.  
Do you have story about a day or customer you would like to share?
I have many wonderful customers and it is really nice to chat with them each day either via the telephone or email.  I have to say that my most memorable time was seeing the website live.  I knew it was real then and not just an untouchable dream.  You just never know there could be a Paper Scissors Rock Stationery “bricks and mortar” store in the future – a dream right now but not forever.

Your favourite things
I have many favourite things and can safely say that I love everything I stock.  But to choose a few I love ...

Heart quote pillows by Looseleaf
Shark Fights jet – one for the boys
Little Branch Exploding Love Flower Bomb prints
Candy Pink Fiona kate Sacks
They are becoming the household favourite at the moment.  They look great, hold so much gear and so easy for the little ones to pack their toys, dress ups etc away. ( how lovely. thanks so much nikki)