Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the perfect dress

A friend of mine is getting married shortly and with that comes lots of excitement about dresses, shoes & flowers. The dress is thought about, sketched, researched, shopped for & fitted. On the day you look gorgeous and full of joy  ..... what happens then. at some stage you will be off to the drycleaners eventually.... soon... one day

a lot of little memories can be fitted onto one box. mine  has been labeled with my maiden name & the wedding date. Even the ribbon is leftover from the big day with a funny story that I always remember on seeing it

a gorgeous gift to a bride is a beautiful archival box for The Dress. The box will keep the dress beautifully, no dust or insects ( which love cardboard & paper). the drycleaner when he eventaully receives it along with the box, will repack the dress inside. So it will be there to look at, touch and remember for years to come. Or in my case to opened alot to lend the veil, shoes & bag to other brides

 you can use them for christening gowns , first holy communion dresses or even a glory box if you are crafting away madly for someone special