Friday, February 4, 2011

in the studio

Yes 40 degrees outside and here we are planning winter. I love winter fabrics and colours. The main criteria for us is.... is it snuggly? of corse the products have to be practical too & store stuff in a simple gorgeous way. and have to be made here in australia by really lovely people

i always love red, with a touch of grey and a little cream.... well it's all under wraps for now but you can see where we are headed. stay posted

memory boxes went out this week for gorgeous twins and there was lots and lots of pencil sharpening for first week back at school 

if you love photography and have always wanted your photos to look a little better. This week I came across this by one super talented & very sharing photographer wim reynes. Lots of lovely actions to add to your photoshop action palette. too easy.  download here
I am going to have fun with this one....
have a wonderful weekend