Wednesday, February 2, 2011

simple gorgeous inspiration

Now that christmas is done. School is back and the year is underway. It may be time for a little tweak and revamp of your store, blog or home.
Some people have inspiration boards to inspire them and keep goal focused, some are collectors of things, or like to display different items according to season or mood.

The postie is gorgeous and super practical. Use it for merchandising or a prop for your shots
A great way to display cards, recipe ideas, paper samples, fabric swatches and wallpaper samples, kids flash cards, polaroids of stock available or gift vouchers and the list goes on.... On a wall, below the counter. or  post a photo on your blog each week with a great display

 If you are renovating as you cut clippings and ideas for each room. Save in a spot in the postie  so they are at hand when you have 5 minute to peruse and gather your ideas together.

baby names not sure print the suggestions onto photo cards and place inside so you can decide easily. ( you can also save the cards in your little one memory box. they always love to hear what they may have been named)

we have  posties  in medium and and now major sizes too