Monday, January 31, 2011

stockist interview - nest

This weeks interview is with natalie from nest in penguin tasmania. doesn't that sound like a lovely place to visit. one of these days I will take a stockist tour of australia. so i can see these lovely stores in person. Natalie has a gorgeous blog too

How long has your business been running?
Not very long really! Nest opened {as everybody was sure to tell me!} at the worst time of the year, the onset of winter. However the doors opened the first week in May 2010 and it’s been buzzing ever since.

Can you describe your average day ?My average day consists of, in between serving and chatting obviously, rearranging, dusting and surfing the net for more exciting goodies.
What is your favourite part of nest? 
Nest is my passion...I love the people I get to meet and the stories they have to tell me. I love finding beautiful things and I love  the fact that I get to ‘play’ with all these gorgeous  bits and pieces. If I had my time again I would love to be a stylist. I don’t think there was such a job when I was younger! All I’ve known and been told since I was a child is that I have a talent for ‘putting things together’...I now feel fortunate I get to do this most days if I so choose!
Your least favourite task? 
Hmmmm....Breaking down the boxes after stock arrives??
Do you have story about a day or customer you would like to share? 
 I once had a gentleman come into the store and say “Geez, you must get bored when your quiet?”...I looked out the window to my ocean view, sipped my cuppa tea whilst Angus and Julia Stone played in the background and thought to myself........never.

i  love the tree. wouldn't the notes to self look great on this?
happy first day back at school