Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There is a pretty good reason it's been awhile. 
My last little one is off to school this year and we really wanted to spend the summer outdoors... I was excited about having 5 school days a week to work for the first time in 11 years and knew I wouldn't be chasing my tail in February to get it all done.

This year is going to be amazing
The plan this year is to say yes to anything creative ... and to that end so far have taught a 

A water colour class for   

printmaking for the under 10s at the little blue house

prop making and window designs for flowerchild. With a possible other window job in the pipeline

The list is long but we are just beginning, extending the veggie patch, painting, the book... hopefully and exhibition... illustration friday, vingnetts with the jen@theinteriorsaddict
more photoaday with fatmumslim...more products... more insta @fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage... will blog each week.

I am excited about the new issue of bigkids magazine ,pia janes new book just heard this morning made it's goal on pozzible 
kate from foxes lane has a new book coming out too..

Possibilities are endless for 2013

What are you up to this year. Any plans, challenges things to want to do?

 just get it out there. To this end todays post isn't pretty can you believe it took a whole lot of thinking and 2 hours just to post it...

i am just going to press publish no and stop fiddling about