Monday, February 25, 2013


The best intentions - I have decide to lay bloggers guilt aside. So many wonderful projects on the go at the moment. Retail layout - feathers and nests for next week. Custom Rug project. Watercolour classes. Book Book Book... I am trying to be at peace with how directionless it all is at the moment. Although am booked up until  halfway through the second week in March. 

After a question the other day about how my work works...Had me thinking. Every job and every person is a little different. Most of the requests are new and fledgling ground for myself and my customer. Not huge stars or celebrities , mums, shop owners, bloggers and people just like you. I do think the fear of asking for something may hold people back.

In my experience if you are not afraid of no, anything is possible. When I am making a custom piece, nest, a craft how to, rug, storage, logo, painting, illustration you name it. It's all about the piece itself rather than the hours it took. Many pieces are more like props or stage sets. They are for now. A window that will change. A shot for a brand. Sometimes something little personal. 

We have some beautiful things that I have gathered from various shoots, people and places along the way. Don't be afraid to ask. If you see something you like  on a blog or instagram. Don't be afraid to ask for, trade or just open a conversation with the creative behind it. I have traded for artwork, eggs, flowers,furniture and baked goods over the past few years and I am sure many others do too

Most things don't cost gazillions just gumption. Truly

Yes Fionakate simple gorgeous storage is still going too. 
Because everyone needs storage

est magazine and Made quarterly are amazing places to get inspired.