Tuesday, November 6, 2012

lots of neons

the best punch ever... and you can ask jane to come to your house!

customs off to the post office
gorgeous new book launched this week... we were there

The posts are becoming a little more irregular. There are many possible outcomes for this... You are really looking forward to the next post when ever it comes.... and appreciate that your google reader is not stacking up... or you wonder what I am doing ...you forget about us completely...

Instagram is becoming the communication of choice around these parts. It's quick and on the spot. A picture can say a thousand words...

The custom side of the business is becoming busy. with more felts going out this week. One is huge! had to pack it in a monster to post

More neon pink baskets have been shipped too.... with another tasselled concoction on the way... if you need a unique piece for your shop, shot or home .... just let us know. The wirys make gorgeous light fittings too

It all about getting out there.
With a talk booked ( I am in equal parts looking forward to it and a little nervous... megan morton will be chatting at the same event), brochure and illustrations to be completed and a special project for a kind person to be completed...