Monday, October 15, 2012

it's new it's here

… We are getting all touchy and feely. A new hands-on approach from a product just for you. The wire baskets are just the beginning... great as they are. Better the older they get. 
It's  a  base and it's getting dressed up, bespoke , hand done to your specs. For 6 months I stitched, wove, played with string paper and lights to see if this was the product we were hoping for…
The base is a wire basket … Designed by us and made by Ketuts daddy… Our first product to be made overseas. Harry sent it all back in a container by ship. Some were carried on the plane. 3 sizes available and yes they do nest

If you need a particular look for your space, prop for a story or shoot we can make it with this gorgeous basket as a base. A storage story that's cuddly and warm. A DIY lighting, dipped in neon… Ombre range of paint colours yep we can do it too. 
Wrapped in paper christo style… Strings and buttons…  Sacking or scarves, gardens, recycled fabric, pom poms or spots….Let us create it for you. Nude works too –it always does.... 

Strong, durable easy to use and recyclable like all of our range. This is an item you can change with the seasons, change it's look, update colour or strip it back. Hang on a wall or put near a door. Endless possibilities.

They have been used to store fruit, toys, cart fish & fabric, grow plants and as lighting both indoor and outdoor. One product with many different looks and as many uses. It's up to you.

We are starting out small. Each item is handpacked and finished in house. Yes that's my writing on the address label
After 5 years on storage we know everyone needs it. They just like what they like. We like making things that are going to lovely homes and spaces.

I am sure this has the creative juices flowing. We would love to hear your thoughts