Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Every Morning. 
Most mornings... 
when I get the opportunity 
I read Daily imprint  Natalie seeks out the most amazing creatives. A great but sometimes daunting way to start the day. Somehow this morning I came across a quick interview natalie did with Nikki Gemmel ( as You know I love love love here writing and so wish I could write with so much passion and beauty

I digress . In this interview she was trying to finish a book...Lovesong. she did. Plus move her family to Australia and write about it. She did and so well.

Inspiring stuff.

I am going to say I will continue with the manuscript for the destination Bali book. I will continue with handmade gorgeous storage products...  Plus collaborate with some creative people
Am hoping to look back here in 4 years and know I did.