Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Wreath

I feel that I have built this humble wreath up a little due to technical issues. 

Super easy and I think a little gorgeous. We make a wreath every year and this year december was almost here with little thought given to it. My little girl wanted to make something for christmas and we looked around the house for things we could use. 

Off to the rag bag to see what we could find.

We tend to keep the clothes so worn that we can not send them to vinnies. They come in handy for all sorts of things. There was plenty to use. A lovely morning was spent talking about the clothes and whose they were as we were cutting . Amazing the memories. We now have the strips of the first pair of boardies I bought for my now husband. He was just someone lovely then - nothing serious ( famous last words). A skirt I bought with a great friend, a cushion cover from our wedding list, a babyish dress, and the wrong cushion covers from the upholsterer that we had to live with for ages...finally they look good

You will need
1 x  wire coat hanger
old clothes - fabric etc

Pull hanger into a circle shape. You don't have to be exact. ( see pic)
Cut strips out of clothes approx 3cm x 17cm
Tie around hanger. bunching then up as you go

When you have a full circle a little haircut will be needed to make it a lovely shape

Hang on the door
it's beginning to look alot like christmas. it's sits well near our DIY bunting from last year. that survived and still looks good