Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY merry christmas bunting

We add our decorations throughout our house bit by bit right up to the big day. we have been adding to our collection of handmade ones .... the kids want to do one a day (but i don't think i could manage that on top of advent calendar and making gifts etc)
the home made decorations need to be made with bits we already have around the house....todays bunting looks great.

4 materials & no glue gun it was very simple

1. red paper double over and stick with glue any glue - I think we used wood glue as we can never find the right one here

2. cut triangle shapes no need to be exact

3. washi tape across the top to stick them all together. leaving a little extra at the end 2 tie the bunting.

4. we used our letters few sheets with left overs and no we didn't have all the right ones... we cut two u to make the second m. trimmed an n for the third r etc...

the kids made ours with me just cutting the triangles and spelling m e r r y out loud

i think it looks simple, gorgeous & cheery

if you have missed the beginning of advent don't worry you can make it the 12 days of christmas instead. You will have loads of fun and less witty ideas to come up with each night before you go to bed.... or actually after you go to bed, remember and get up again.