Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a very simple gift - your house

There were quite a few post all ready to go for this week. We bumped the lot to pop this one up. there has been much discussion in the little blue house about the present we are hoping ( we don't always get them finished) One of my sons if forever drawing. Line drawing mostly it's all about getting what is on his mind down on paper and quickly. The sketchbook is packed , disordered and to my eye a real insight to what makes up a 9 year old boy. 
For my birthday he asked what I would like. a drawing of our house. it is beautiful and very treasured.

if you have a budding artist the gift of a house is fabulous for those with a new home, an old home or a family home, or a favored destination. Grandmas home is always a winner too. for us this year it will be for a wonderful aunt and uncle who are about to move into their very first home...

keep it simple and have alot of fun 

a couple of ideas for inspiration 

line drawings - have a look at all the buildings in New York by james Gulliver amazing or the made by joel cities we attended the one in sydney with LMNOP it was alot of fun

scan one image ( drawing or photogrpah) play with the colour ala andy warhol for inspiration

Plan B  send me a photo of your house and I will send you a line drawing back. feel free to colour or reproduce as you wish

a very simple , personal gift