Monday, November 21, 2011

interview made in australia - telling tales

This weeks interview is with a fairly new business Telling Tales that makes the most divine books. The illustration and finishing make them a book worth keeping forever. I thought it especially relevant when you are all planning for christmas although they make the perfect gift at any time of the year. One photo is all you need.

Would you like to share a little of the Telling Tales story? 
Telling Tales is an online store and we create photo personalised children’s storybooks. The idea to create photo storybooks evolved when we started putting together personalised books for our own children.  It was interesting to see how these books quickly became their favourite ones to read – they loved seeing and hearing about themselves. We also received an incredible reaction from our friends who were all asking if we could develop a personalised book for their children.Telling Tales was therefore created to offer beautiful, educational and affordable photo personalised storybooks for all children.  

Why did you decide on australian made? 
Because our books are made to order Telling Tales needed an Australian printer.

Did you look into manufacturing overseas also?
No, overseas printing is only viable for large volume orders, and doesn’t work well for bespoke products.

Can you describe the process of idea to first samples? Was the learning curve steep? 
Finding a printer that understood our vision was difficult at first. They didn’t want to set a price that came with variable size orders. But with a lot of searching we found a company that understood us completely and was even supportive of us being a start up business. They could see the future possibilities.

What would you do differently if you did it again?
Everything is a learning curve so no real regrets.

The best thing about australian made? 
The best thing about Australian made is the pride that it gives you in your product. We also are happy to be supporting local businesses to keep manufacturing sustained here at home.

What do you hope for australian manufacturing in the future? 
To keep manufacturing alive in Australia we need to support it. With more demand we would see some improvements in prices too

 I wanted to share a ‘thank you’ email from one of our customers, because her comments on our quality of our printing says all you need to say about Australian manufacturing and why it’s great to buy Australian made. x

"Oh my goodness!! My 3 books arrived this afternoon and all I can say is.... they are amazingly awesome!! The pictures look amazing and the book quality is fantastic. I don't have enough words to tell you how happy I am about my purchase! I know 3 little girls who are going to be very happy for Christmas this year.

Thank you to all those involved at Telling Tales, you really have made my day and I can't wait till Christmas to give these gorgeous books to the girls. I will be spreading the word and it won't be too long before I purchase another of your gorgeous books"