Friday, August 19, 2011

simple gorgeous and practical floor

A friend asked me about this yesterday. Our playroom floor the result of a last minute quite frantic nesting attack several years ago. This is great for a playroom, store, cubby or anywhere you would like a quick floor covering that you can do yourself. all carpet squares are the same size and a mix of odds and ends looks great and is easy to remove if damage does occur. A trip to our local Carpetland to ask if they had any 2nd hand carpets squares led us to a dusty back room with stacked pallets of left over, end of run and second hand squares. 
So many great colours that we decided a mix was the way to go for us. 

So many possibilities. Any configuration would be lovely though not all carpet tiles are created equal so do try kneeling on each style before counting how many you need.( some are really scratchy)

Easy to cut with a sharp boxcutter ours are stuck down with wood glue straight onto boards.... 

Tip if you have a large area and need lots of tiles they can be heavy in the boot and your lowered car may bottom out leaving the car park while everyone is watching