Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a great gift idea

This one wasuggested ( asked outright for ) by a friend as a present for her little boy who turns 7 tomorrow.  

"make a box of odds and endhe loves craft and he is not fussy as long ahe can stick something to it he is happy" 

initially reluctant and in favour of lego I was persuaded. I had an absolute ball putting it together. Obviously we do have quite a lot of lovely boxes here so that bit was easy. I raided the present bag for new textas and a writing pad and the rest has been hunted and gathered from around our home, props box and warehouse . The kids helped 
( which meant ALOT of tat was rejected) you could do the same at reverse garbage

here is what we managed to crammed into the box . 
lots and lots of treasure

owl paperclips
coloured rubber bands
various handmade paper
red tissue paper 
trend boards
wooden clothes peg
chalk label
sketch book
foam cone
cardboard cone tube
screened paper
photo paper
shiny board
corflute strips
round box
interesting shaped envelopes
golden book pages
multi coloured card
pattern petals

if you have a crafty friend I would highly recommend it. can't wait to see his face. 
if you don't have such bower bird tendencies and you live in sydney or would like an excuse to visit

reverse garbage is the ultimate day out for a crafty friend. 
grab a box and have a ball or you can now order online.