Monday, August 1, 2011

interview - be a fun mum

This week interview is with kelly from be a fun mum a blog I had heard about from several people all in the same day. These sorts of signs I follow and am glad I did. There iso much to inspire on this blog. Fun things to do - ones that are possible with 5 mins notice. Pop this one in your google reader ( i have just discovered this) for a great read that will leave you with a laugh and loads of energising ideas.. 

what a lovely start to the week

How did you come to start your business/ blog? I started the blog out of my desire to get back into the habit of writing. Since I was knee deep in nappies at the time, talking about my parenting experiences seemed an obvious choice of topic. I had absolutely no plans for my blog to become a business. It just evolved over time. When you do what you’re passionate about, it’s easy to stay motivated and good things come from it!

How long has your business been running?
2 years this month!

Can you describe your average day?
Since I married my husband 11 years ago, we have moved 10 times so our life is pretty random.  This means I live life very much in the moment so every day is a bit different. Mornings are rushed as I get three of my four children to school. Daytime for me encompasses housework, lunch meetings, catching up with friends, playing with my son and running back and forth to the computer at random intervals.  I do the bulk of my work at night when the children are asleep.

What are you excited about for winter?
There is just so much! I love Winter. I love my bright red coat. I love holding a hot cup of coffee in my hands and watching the steam float up to the sky. I love the feel of a crisp wind on my cheek; Winter makes me feel alive.

What is your favourite part about be a fun mum?
Absolute favourite part is interacting with readers. It’s what keeps me motivated, energetic and inspired.
If I can make just a small difference to someone’s day, I’m absolutely thrilled! And if that someone takes the time to write to me, or comment, I treasure every word.

Your least favourite task?
Paperwork.  And also dealing with “Hello There!” impersonal emails.

Do you have story about a day, reader or customer you would like to share?
I’ll tell you a fun story about a totally random meeting I had with a reader. I was at a blog function in Melbourne (I live in Brisbane) and I was Twittering away about what the speakers were saying (as you do when you’re a blogger). Unbeknown to me, a reader was following along with my Tweets. Next thing I know she sent me a Tweet saying she was next door playing with her daughter and asked if we could meet! And we did. It was fantastic!

Where is your favourite spot to sit during your work day?
I feel most inspired when I’m outside so I try and be outdoors as much as possible. Because most of my work is on my laptop, I can take it anywhere. This means I can work outside in the shade while my son plays in his rock garden and sitting at the beach while my son plays with his truck in the sand.  The other place I enjoy working is late at night in with a cup of tea when all is very quiet.