Wednesday, August 3, 2011

conversation starter -and maybe a cuppa too

Yesterday afternoon was great . It took 5 mins but changed an afternoon. it's easy to do. Have a quick look around for all of the odd photos stuck in boxes, sticking out of albums,  the ones not yet sorted.

I removed a framed newspaper we have in or kitchen and popped a postie filled with photos some no one other than me had seen and others from more than while ago. Hung it in the newspaper spot while the kids were at school / asleep.

All the kids filed into the kitchen with notes, needs and lots of chatter....mayhem . all stopped short and started looking the pics... remembering that trip... that day... and when our littlest was not yet born.... it was lovely.

it's been a chaotic week with croup, cough and an amazing amount of extras in our routine, visitors , parties from 6th to 90th... and so much homework! it was lovely to stop for a moment and look back

a real conversation starter