Friday, May 6, 2011

a swag - it's just easy kids sleep over storage

Have you entered the valley of the sleepover?  pillows needed, where will they sleep, will they be OK all night or will I have to pick them up at 11.30 when none of us looks our best?
Packing a pillow, PJs, quilt or blanket helps them settle because it's just like home only better because your mate is there. A swag is simple, flexible, your pillow stays clean & you don't have to store another bag in between sleep overs. Best of all if your friend want one too when it comes time for a sleep over at your house you won't have to find extra pillows sleeping bags etc

It was a little tricky to explain so I have taken a few pics to how how easy it is. We tied ours with our fatman as it is soft on the shoulders, reusable & looks lovely.

3 steps to getting your child out the door until morning

step 1.
layout blanket, quilt or similar, pop pillow pjs, special toy and clothes for the next day on top at one end. 

step 2
flap the sides of the quilt into the middle  enclosing pilows etc

roll all tightly from the pillow end and tie. do not use knots 9 too tricky to undo.
tie the ends to together in a bow. 

step 4
place over the little travellers shoulders and he is out the door
easy no fuss

and your happy traveller is out the door