Sunday, May 8, 2011

stockist for sale - neck of the woods

While not technically a new stockist interview. it's breaking news for one of our stockists and a great opportunity for someone lovely

Have you always wanted a gorgeous little store in a great location? with an online and media interest. Not too sure how to go about it? well a favourite store of mine is up for sale.
Only a year old all the tricky bits of setting up are complete. The lovely owner nicky has run a successful business before. This is her new baby. Only a year young and nicky would like to sell to a good home so she can spend a little more time at home with her little ones

Neck of the woods has had excellent media coverage in magazines such as Frankie, Spaces and Inside Out. And the online presence hasn't been too bad either for a youngster, snippets here and there on sites such as Finders Keepers, Little Pinwheel, Fiona Kate, Honey & Fizz and many more 

tempted ??

see below for some insider knowledge of a great business..

this week interview is with nicky from neck of the woods formerly of pulp both of which have been stylists favourites. lucky e this gorgeous store is local and always lovely to visit. it's full of the items that are on your covet list. Plus treasures you didn't know you needed until you arrive. A shop so delightful that when you are on the bus you are always hoping for a red light, right alongside so you can see what nikki has popped in the window today. 
How long has your business been running?

We opened the doors on Easter long weekend last year 2010

Can you describe your average day?

Wake up
cuddle kids and hubby
feed kids
feed chooks
feed dog
feed me
make lunches
drop kids at school
chat to mums
drive to shop
grab coffee at Deli next door
open doors and let the world in
turn music on
chat to loads of customers
check emails
read a few blogs
rearrange shop
wrap some prezzies
eat lunch
have afternoon cup of tea
collect kids
break up 100 boy arguments
listen to dodgy violin practice
feed family
wash family
read to family
put family to bed
post on blog
read to me
shut eyes

What is your favourite part about neck of the woods?
Getting to search for new and unique products to stock in shop.

Your least favourite task?
book work

Do you have story about a day or customer you would like to share?
I’m pretty laid back so I am not always that organised. Saturdays are by far our busiest days. Last Saturday the staff member who works had a wedding on it was also my 5 year olds Birthday party. We organised for one of the other girls to work which was fine. It wasn’t until 4 days later when I was doing the wages and asked how many hours the fill in girl had done and they were half of what I expected. I asked her about Saturday and she had no idea what I was talking about. It turns out she totally forgot and no one turned up so the shop was shut all day. I was really bummed that night as that days takings almost covers the wages for the week. But it happened and you can’t go back in time.
Where is your favourite spot to sit during your work day?

I usually sit behind the counter, but I find if I get out and start rearranging the shop or cleaning or do a display, more people walk through the door. Energy creates energy!

these are a few of my favourite things

have you met miss jones
Pony Rider Cushions
Tmod Jeweller