Monday, May 23, 2011

stockist interview - little choux USA

It's Monday hat a great way to tart the week. Monday on our blog is always an interview with our stockists.  I am really excited about little choux our first ever U.S stockist. Really lovely,  lots of creative ideas... Until i received the interview back I had no idea of anne maries' creative background. Alot of people stateside are keen Fiona kate customers. We would love to redirect you to little choux and save on shipping ( always a plus)

How did you come to start your business?

I have always thought that one day I would love to run my own brick  
and mortar boutique.  After my first child was born it became clear to  
me the kind of business I wanted to start.  I found myself  
continuously looking for unique finds to mix and match with his every  
day wardrobe and room decor.  It became somewhat of an obsession to  
locate the most stylish, well made and useful products - there are so  
many designers out there yet to be discovered!  I found that there  
really wasn't another website with the same unique selection of  
products that I wanted to carry so I  made a list of everything I  
every wanted for my own kids but couldn't find, products that I had as  
a little girl that are hard to come by now and the coolest room  
accessories ideas that could compliment many design aesthetics and  
viola - LIttle Choux was born!

How long has your business been running?

Little Choux is only six weeks old!  What you hear from new business  
owners and you (Fiona) know yourself is true - I have never worked so  
hard in my life to get this boutique up and running.  It has been the  
most fun, extremely rewarding and continuously inspiring creative  
outlet for me.

Can you describe your average day?

Total insanity! :)  I have two young kids under the age of 4 who are  
amazing but extremely demanding and have a canny sense of when I am  
being pulled in a million directions and HOW to push my buttons!  I  
also continue to work part time for the coolest paint company in the  
US and have a really fun job with no plans to give that up!  Then  
there is Little Choux!  My current passion which keeps me up until all  
hours of the night and gets me going in the morning.

What are you excited about for winter?

I have some really fun decor inspired plans for Little Choux!  I think  
there is a real need/want for kids design inspiration and I sense that  
people are like me - looking for fun ideas not to copy but to meld  
into my own style.  Be sure to check or our facebook  
page in the coming months for a fun new inspirational feature I am  
super excited about.

Plus...I am launching a new kids design blog with a very talented  
friend who has her own party planning business.  Even if no one  
follows us it will still be so much fun to collaborate and share fun  
ideas together!

What is your favorite part of Little Choux?

Receiving the new products that I have searched long and hard to  
find.  Every day is like Christmas!  Carefully opening each item,  
inspecting every inch to ensure it arrived safely and admiring the  
handiwork of the designer that created it!

Your least favorite task?

Hands down.... accounting!  In college I thought I wanted to be an  
accountant like my father.  However I soon learned that I did not have  
the patience to analyze numbers and I would much rather be creative  
and dream instead!

Do you have a story about a day or customer you would like to share?

My most memorable yet is the day I launched Little Choux.  It was such  
a thrilling feeling to take full ownership for the inspiration and  
creation of something I have worked so long and hard on.  Not to  
mention the name Little Choux has a very personal meaning.  When I was  
little my Nana (Grandmother) called me Chou Chou which means 'my  
little darling'.  My own parents were in tears knowing how much my  
Nana would have loved knowing that I was so inspired by her!

Where is your favorite spot to sit during the day?

In front of my big screened Apple computer in front of two big windows  
overlooking the tree tops!  Whether I am daydreaming out the window  
and trying to get inspired or carefully scouring the internet looking  
for the next best product find - I wouldn't want to be anywhere  
else!....other than outside with my husband playing with our kids!

 the made by me bug what a discovery! so nice to have a gift that can be put together for the over 3 set.... I have added the individual clay as well. I have never seen them in australia & would love to take these to training in the afternoon to keep the little ones busy

enjoy and have a wonderful week