Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a reading nook - decorate, tidy & read read read

Why do kids always love the little books? you know the ones easily lost down the back of the bed... or caught up in the bookshelf. This is a great way to get your kids reading, decorate a room & keep the little books tidy. We used one major postie or you could have a little one for each child. 

Prop it somewhere that grabs a little sun during the day & next to the bed at night. 

Take a quick look around the back of the car, under beds, in your handbag, down the back of the lounge. perfect for thomas the tank engine books, Beatrix Potter, Mr Men , mini Spot and Hairy McClarey.. all favorites in our house.

If you need a hot cuppa and a little quiet. set it up whilst the kids are out. they will spot it as soon as they get home. we tested this on several families. little non readers looked at the books for ages and the big ones stopped to read old favourites. The key is not to get distracted by other things during this quiet time. Have a cuppa and a little read yourself.

They'd READ and READ,
AND READ and READ, and then proceed
To READ some more. Great Scott! Gadzooks!
One half their lives was reading books!
The nursery shelves held books galore!
Books cluttered up the nursery floor!
And in the bedroom, by the bed,

More books were waiting to be read!"

Roald Dahl - Charlie and the chocolate factory