Thursday, September 30, 2010

a little crew review

Fiona Kate.......Fabulous Storage for your Precious Pictures

Fiona Kate have great storage solution's of all different kinds and we have some of the really fantastic boxes. This feature is about a wonderful and unique product called a Poster Grid. The Fiona Kate Poster Grids are similar to those grids you see at newsagent stands with headlines sitting inside them but so much nicer with a powder coated finish. This makes the grids strong and keep their colour, measuring 43cm x 70cm.

I thought what a great idea for those precious pieces of art and drawings that your children bring home to you from school or make at home. There is never enough space for them and this great poster grid can help you solve that! One for the kitchen or your child's room as well. No more papers spread across the house or under couches, which is what I usually find. It's nickname in our house is the paper picker -upper.

Fiona Kate have the grid available in wonderful colours to suit any theme: Fire Engine Red, Bus Driver Blue, Silver and Classic White. I have had a good look at the silver one. It's great, simple and very easy to open and shut so that you can change over pictures or posters and you can hang it up on the wall very easily as well by the using the grids themselves. Check outFiona Kate for Poster Grids and other fabulous accessories such as the Postie for holding post cards, it's brilliant.