Monday, September 20, 2010

a little bit of barter

We really enjoy it here in the little blue house. a little bit of swapping, gift giving and generally making stuff. This week I found myself doing something I have not done in aaaaaaaaaagggggeeeesss and loving it. When you are a graphic designer it's a little like being a mechanic but not as nessesary. whenever people ask what you do people say I really need a business card. Can you do that ? after years and years of not. this week I was. and I loved it. 3 lots of branding, logos and tag lines and I loved it. all for a little bit of barter.

3 friends or friends of friends called for a little advice and I jumped in with both feet. it didn't take long and felt great. we now have a bit of garden work done, a knitting class for holly and a bit of accounting for Fiona Kate. Plus 3 happy customers Just lovely. I see a lot more barter in my future.

Lots of things can be easily swapped, child minding, baking, lawn mowing, and the list goes on