Thursday, September 16, 2010

and the winner is

and the winner of the the early postie is
Greg said...

We have just finished our children's playroom and the postie would be a great addition. The children could hang their own drawings, photos and creations from it. Aaron is 4 and he says that it would make a great place to store his paper aeroplanes.

We had many entries sent in by email as well . it seems the comments section was a little contrary yesterday. the way we draw the competition is really impartial and I am sure there are many other less time consuming way to do it ( less fun too) we allocate each comment a number , extra entries for facebook etc. pop them in a lunchbox, shake it around madly. empty them on the floor and our littlest who is two and cannot read picks 1. we then check who is the corresponding entry. So there was much excitement for Greg this morning.

Have a wonderful spring day. Stay posted through we shall be popping another giveaway up soon