Saturday, July 10, 2010

toy storage or is it?

in the holidays there is always a little time for a clean up. This one was really exciting. There is light at the end of the toy tunnel ... honest. Previously we have had a playroom with 4 major starter pack tabels lined up. which is fabulous for craft etc but each and every one of those boxes a full to bursting with toys. Toys my little ones don't often play with but boxes every small visitor needed to open & inspect.... and then go home.

Many of those toys have now gone to better homes inspired by toy story 3 we managed to rehouse 2/3 of the toys and keep our large collection of trains cars & lego. the room seems huge and and much much easier to keep tidy. The boxes & crates are so tough they have been used in other places through out the house.

The laundry and linen cupboard are both sorted reusing and labeling the previous toy boxes.
and yes we do have that many odd socks but the bright side is they are super easy to find and match by the whole family

Be inspired. It may mean a ticket to the movies cut down, cull and reuse all of your storage boxes.