Wednesday, July 7, 2010

simple gorgeous toy storage

school holidays & rain... (this was not the plan)

a simple cure for toy frustration #1

we were inside again, my feet were sore from all the lego pieces, hair bobbles, barbie shoes and cars.... hmmm it can make you a little cross....

so we made a plan for the next time it rained & we didn't have to wait long

1. Tip every single toybox, container, tub, basket, pile into an old blanket on the middle of the floor. Lots of noise lots of fun.

2. Hunt for stray toys behind beds, bottom of cupboards, mums handbag, back of the car seat, under the pram. trust me when you as your kids where toys might be hiding they come up with amazing places.

3. line up toy boxes & crates. Approximately a good throw away. Have labels at the ready or a chalkboard with a quick drawing of what is to go inside ( you maybe doing this with non readers). Save a very large box for unwanted toys & a bag for broken / incomplete ones.

4. Ready set go. Throw as many into the box as you can. This is super super noisy but so much fun. I loved throwing all that plastic tat. Pop the lids on. Throw the rubbish. Donate the wanted

5. toys were tidy & the kids found and played with lost treasure... a full day occupied. Mum was happy