Monday, March 29, 2010

our huge egg- sparkles

we did it we made our huge egg as mentioned last week. we have finally covered & hung our gorgeous easter egg. You need to wear sunglasses if looking at it in direct sunlight too. it was so easy and fun to do. lots of egg eating involved we handed out eggs to the neighbours plus I had to a lot of late night snacking.

keep all wrappers no matter how small.cut a piece of cardboard and old box will do it is going to be completely covered. We used corflute from an old sign. Arm yourself with a glue stick and get sticking smooth wrappers over every inch of the surface. Wrap around the edges too before sticking the back. Your egg has to look fabulous from all sides.
iy does take awhile so you may need to have another egg with ice cold milk to keep you going.

we added letters over the top to say happy easter and hung it in the window facing the street.This is one craft we will be keeping. the photo doesn't do it justice trust me in the sunlight it sparkles