Thursday, March 25, 2010

On time for the match & a mud free car after every game

Once again it's that time of year the pre season. We can not really feel the cold but we know it's coming...Our gorgeous wooly knitted sacks are perfect for a muddy morning on the side lines. Making a mud free ride home possible too.
Pack the rug, raincoats, umbrellas, a map/directions for the away games and a spare ball for the little one the night before. Ensure you include the all important plus a plastic bag Add the all important thermos in the morning...this will make arriving on time possible.

Out gorgeous knitted sack can be carried
over the shoulders of the slowest person getting out of the car....whoever turn it is... The strongest etc

The gorgeous
blue and white stripe is easy to find on the side lines too
After the sporting champions have had a great time at the match. Sit on the sack near the car and take off all boots, socks, shorts if needed and put in the plastic bag ( this can go straight into the wash ). Leave the mouth guards and pads in the wooly bag. Easy! If our gorgeous sack is dirty too just pop it in the wash also. Made & designed In Australia