Monday, October 22, 2012

What is a custom
The emails have been coming in this week.
It's not expensive... 
I think that might be the real question and how do I go about ordering....

Firstly what would you like? the customs so far are using the wire baskets as a base.
Beachy theme today with cotton... The order... neutral beachy natural. Do you like it?
or send a pic of the room you would like I to go in. ( or the room you imagine someday)

My aim from the custom side of things is to make lots of beautiful things for our customer. The brief will be as diverse as you are.... 

There is a twin of this one.... available... here.... ( so now you can know the price) 

If you need a little storage and want it to look a certain way.... let us know.

The new monster price has been a huge hit too... keep the orders coming as we are moving warehouse ( again) ... and less is best with removals