Monday, January 16, 2012

getting a little organised... or in denial and having fun

Recently we have moved out of the little blue house. For 9 months. Right now that seems to be a very long time. we love our home. I will share more about this later. One thing we did was sort everything out. We have so much more room and found lots of lost treasure. the one thing i did notice was how much lighter I felt with each cupboard or room sorted. It was addictive and truly our house was done in no time. Lots of our friends are having a try before they buy with tents bikes kayaks etc.

A fabulous start to 2012

Will this year be a bench full of treasure that turn to scrap? Missed parties and lost school stuff? nope.. not this year. Have some fun before it all starts again. Aa box waiting for the artwork. Pop it in each day and at the end of the term have a good sort through , a trip down memory lane and cull cull cull cull. ( really it's for the best)

Add a new label to last years folders.

Always wanted a postie and couldn't justify it. imagine all those photos, postcards business cards and colour charts within easy reach. You can use a noticeboard also.

We have lots of lovely new stockists that are keen for this year. 

Hopefully there is one near you